In The Realm
of the Circuit

By Charles H. Traub and Jonathan Lipkin

Originally published in 2003, In the Realm of the Circuit is an introduction to the aesthetic and historical precedents of the new electronic media's multi-faceted human dialog. It tells the story of how technology has always been integrally connected to human expression and gives students the tools to connect technological practice to cultural heritage. The intrinsic links between art, technology and the humanities are examined, especially with regard to how they are shaped and how they shape each other.

This profusely and imaginatively illustrated volume draws on art, artifacts, icons and annotations from ancient civilization to the present, to illustrate the 21st century's drive to the current possibilities of the computer. This volume allows students, scholars, and creative individuals to place today's sometimes daunting technological achievements in a humanist framework.

The book is currently out of print, but the text is available online at, and used copies are widely available at online booksellers such as