Photography Reborn is thorough introduction to the medium ... an intriguing read

Publisher's Weekly

In the Realm of the Circuit is truly mind opening. I find the ideas tantalizing, the book becoming more useful with each page

Joseph Ciaglia
University of New Mexico

Livingston County is a beautiful and well done book.

Larissa Leclair
Founder, Indie Photobook Library

I enjoyed your attention to light [in Baymen]. Lots of good images and narrative

Lane Nevares

[Digital photography is] the process of creating, storing, manipulating and displaying photographic images through electronic devices such as digital cameras, computers, and printers. By the late 20th century, digital technology had largely replaced traditional chemical photographic processes. That digital photographs are easier to produce, manipulate, and distribute than their analog predecessors has led to significant changes to vernacular, artistic, and commercial photographic practices. The boundaries of what constitutes photography—once defined quite clearly through its optical and chemical nature—have also expanded, to the point where many question whether digital photography is an incremental step in the evolution of the medium, or a radical leap into an entirely new form of image production.

from the entry on digital photography in Oxford Art Online, by Jonathan Lipkin